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Launch high-performing, native mobile experiences with our swift app development services.

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Launch market-ready iOS apps with ease

Choosing to develop a native iOS app will guarantee a high-quality experience for your users and a powerhouse of features for you. But the best news is, you don’t need to hire a awift developer and wait forever to be on the market.

With Biscuit, you don’t have to go through development hell and spend years on the white board. Our experimented team of developers will take care of everything necessary to have your high-quality app on the market in no time. 

The benefits of native apps

Sure it takes more hours, but native apps are the go-to choice for high-performance and feature-rich experiences.

Smooth Performance

A faster, seamless experience, made possible only through platform specific code.

Almost Any Feature is Possible

Want to access information on the user device? Going native is your best choice.

The Best Use of Hardware

Want to access information on the user device? Going native is your best choice.

Native Looks Matter

Have you noticed how the same apps look different on iOs and Android? That’s cause platform-consistent user interfaces influence user preferences heavily.

Perfect Offline Experiences

Hybrid apps are heavily dependent on web services for working properly. If your app is supposed to work well offline, native is the way to go.

High Quality Code at Aggressive Pricing

We are a remote-first company offering high-end services worldwide. Our remote structure allows us to ensure you’re getting extremely high quality services at the best possible prices. You can partner with us in 2 different ways.

Pay Per Hour

Pay Per Project

Let’s get started on your quote!

There’s 2 ways to get your free quote, choose the one that better fits your schedule.

Fill in a form

At your own time, fill in our form with all the information we need in order to give you a quote.

Schedule a free meeting with us

On an 1-hour meeting, our sales specialist will get all the information we need in order to give you a quote, and even give you some insight into your app idea, and what to expect.

The prices vary wildly with all the different functionalities you might have in mind. But we don’t want to keep you totally blindsided. The price for a fully developed app ranges from $7,000 to $100,000 US Dollars.

The answer to that burning question is also really hard to give, but here are some cool stats: The top 200 apps have an average daily revenue of $82,500 while the top 8,000 apps have an average daily revenue of $3,500.

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About us

Biscuit is a Brazilian “based”, remote-first, app development agency. Created by tech lovers with nearly a decade of experience on app design, creation and digital marketing, we aim to offer high quality app development services at competitive prices worldwide.

Check out some of our stats


Over 14 Million App Downloads


Average Rating Of 4.8 Out Of 5

5 years

Of Experience On Full Time App Development


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How We Work

Project Break Down

Based on your requirements, our specialists will break down the whole development process into smaller activities and milestones.

Connection line
A quarter of a donut draft
A quarter of a donut draw


Our UX designers will develop a visual prototype of the main screens of the app for your approval. We’re ready to start coding.

Connection line
Connection line


After we go through a full review with you, it’s time to launch your app on the stores and follow it up to ensure all is working fine.

A quarter of a done donut
A quarter of a partialliy done donut
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Time to work hard on bringing that concept to life. Our team will develop the app, presenting functionalities to you at each milestone, so you can be sure things are on the right track.

Why choose Biscuit?

Not sure we’re the right fit for your project? Here’s why you should stick with us.


Full Stack Development

From front-end, to back-end. From infrastructure to publication. You can count on us.

Marketing Ready

We want your ideas to profit, that’s why we will be talking about marketing since day 1.

Scalable by design

Believing in your app is also making sure that it will be able to grow and support as many users as needed.

Your App, Your Intellectual Property

The end result of our development process is an app that’s totally yours. It belongs to you!

Maintenance & Warranty

We ensure 1-year of warranty and maintenance to all our clients.

Worldwide Projects

No matter where you are, we can help you.


Request your quote, or if you still have any questions, feel free to talk to our team through live chat.